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Updated: Sep 20, 2021

When it comes to accomplishing one our massive projects it takes a village! To say we are successful based off our own hard work would be LAUGHABLE. We need our team!

Why Team Work is #Important!

#Teamwork goes a long way when it comes to all aspects of this industry. We started out just the two of us, two brothers out to take over the moving industry. We now have a team of 40 plus and because of them we have been thriving! At Integrity Moving we gladly welcome team work and, in fact, we demand it.

Benefits to #TeamWork

How and who it benefits:

  • All employees- By creating a "team work" culture no one feels left out.

  • Limited stress- Work environments can be stressful as is, team work can help eliminate stress to a certain degree, especially when facing a daunting task.

  • Everyone feels equal- When employees feel equal they feel gratitude which is an important aspect to a healthy work relationship with management and employees.

  • Lifts team Spirit: We all have those "I don't want to work" days. This can linger even more when employees feel like they do not have proper support.

  • Employee retention: They happier the employees are the more likely they are going to leave a good impression on your new hires helping with the retention of your employees as well as adding new members.

All in all, its 2021. Creating a healthy stress free environment is as #important as having an online presence. Not only for your employees mentally, but also physically, to ensure safety. So make sure you have your team members back!


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