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Good Bye 2021, Hello 2022!

What an amazing year 2021 was for the Integrity Moving family!

We truly did not have any idea what was in store for us this past year. Our owners took a gamble and never looked back! Gabe and Hector just wanted to own their own business, and so this journey began.

We started to experience growth, so much so we needed to add to our team. Then came Facebook, Instagram, and a Website. Thanks to the hard work of our owners we secured me contracts. Before they knew it, we were ringing in the new year.



Our first full year as an LLC and you can say we learned ALOT! From growing pains to learning a whole new side of the business. We can truly say we are thankful for all the progress we have made. Our small vision of having a box truck and a couple of solid employees quickly turned into multiple trucks with over 40 employees! From managing 1 job at a time to having to staff for 7 jobs a day the growth has been tremendous!



So as we say goodbye to 2021 and welcome the year 2022, we wish you all prosperity and we hope for continued success. Thanks for your support!

Here's to the New Years!


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