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It is all in the details!!

What you #see below.

A completely furnished office with dual monitors set atop a perfectly built desk along with a comfortable chair. You will also notice some storage bins beneath the desks along with all the proper wiring. Nestled in #Dallas's beautiful downtown business complex, this office is all ready to go!



What you did not #see.

The start time of 5:30 in the morning. The receiving and storing of all items to complete the install above in our warehouse located in #Dallas, #Tx. The #logistical nightmare of maneuvering a 26-foot box truck in the bustling downtown #Dallas business district. The countless obstacles that arose such as being delayed access to enter the building due to the client not putting our companies name down for #security (an honest mistake) to a complete last-minute change in the #blueprints for the office layout.



I can continue to go on but you see the point, no matter how much you plan, no matter how much you #prepare. There are still going to be #obstacles that arise, it's our job to bottle all those problems up and transform them into a perfect #package boxed. AND. WE. DO. At #Integrity #Moving these qualities are more than words, they are a way of life. And we lead from the top meaning our #Owners demand the best because they are working shoulder to shoulder giving the exact effort. So yes, you see a finished product but we see a journey. And we could not be luckier to be on this ride! #WeMoveWithIntegrity

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