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We Love Our Founders

Gabe Campa #WeMoveWithIntegrity Hector Campa

Raised in #Tucson, Arizona, and bonded by their brothership the Campa brothers knew they would own their own #business one day. Both were extremely active in sports as kids, they learned #discipline, #hardwork, #dedication, and most importantly, #Integrity.

Both brothers excelled in sports, specifically football. Due to an injury in his early career, Hector Campa's #college dreams were derailed momentarily in High School. After rehab, he later walked on to the local Community College and played where he continued his football dreams. Gabe Campa, much like his older brother, thrived on the field. Earning state honors in the 5A division (an impressive feat, in a talent, flooded state for football) landed Gabe a #scholarship to Briar Cliff College where he played for two seasons before a severe shoulder injury ended his career.

Both of the Campa brothers found themselves back home with a hunger to succeed. After moving to #Texas to learn the industry the Campa brothers quickly formed Integrity Moving LLC. Even though their football dreams were derailed, they still had gained so much from the sport. Like to keep their head up in the face of defeat and to keep moving forward.

We share with you this story to hopefully #inspire. Take the #leap. Keep walking through the doors that open when another one closes. You never know where it will lead you. And, although change is scary at the moment, that feeling eventually fades.

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